Material washing is vital to a healthy bottom line for your processing operation. Masaba fabricates and builds complete lines of both wash screws and wash screens. Let the team of engineers at Masaba work with you to develop the most productive and durable washing operation possible. All Masaba equipment is built Masaba Strong with the highest quality raw materials and craftsmanship available.

Standard Features

  • Class II Drives
  • Masaba Strong Components
  • Wear Resistance and Ruggedness


5 Year

Complete Structural

2 Year

Complete Equipment



Aggregate material processing just got easier with Masaba Wash Screens, an all-in-one material processor. High-frequency vibrations sift material fast and our sturdy plant construction offers stability and increased output. Our wash bar construction allows easy flow of material, maximizing output and increasing plant productivity.


From coarse to fine materials, Masaba Wash Screws give the capability to sort material efficiently and accurately. Gently move fine material and effectively sift coarse material with our powerful twin motor design. With single and twin screw designs, our engineers will help you decide your material handling needs.