Stationary Conveyors

With a full line of stationary conveyors, Masaba is sure to have the right solution to your material moving problems. Whether you are transferring material over long distances or need to move it from the hard-to-reach places in your operation, Masaba has the equipment and engineering expertise to make your operation more efficient. Work with our engineers to design your own custom conveying system or create an entire Masaba equipment operation.

Standard Features

  • Heavy Duty Pulleys
  • Class II Drives
  • Cema C Idlers
  • 3 Ply Belting


5 Year

Complete Structural

2 Year

Complete Equipment


Hoppers, Bin & Feeders

For mining operations that are in for the long-haul, stationary hoppers are the perfect stockpiling equipment. Masaba custom engineered mining equipment will fabricate sturdy, reliable stockpiling hoppers that last the life of your aggregate operations. Reduce transition time from loader to conveyor and maximize output by maintaining a constant flow of materials.

Masaba Feeders and Surge Bins are the perfect solution for any crushing application, increasing output and handling material build-up. Masaba Feeders are designed with self-clearing grizzly bars, guaranteed to keep material flowing and eliminate build-up. Complete your crushing and screening operation by maximizing output with Masaba.


Masaba Overland conveyors are designed to span large distances or cover permanent applications and transfer material, eliminating the need for haul trucks and increasing operations. Handling various amounts of material, our custom engineered Overland conveyors will fit any application.


Maximize your material stockpile within your space limitations with a Masaba tripper system. Designed to operate in both confined areas and vast properties, a Masaba tripper is sure to maximize your stockpile regardless of the amount of space you have.

Stationary Stacker

Designed for long distances or permanent operations, Masaba Stationary Stacker conveyors are built with sturdy channel-frame trusses. Custom engineered for any distance or application, our stationary stacking conveyors will fit your needs. Our stationaries are perfect for limited footprint areas like inside structures or hard to reach stockpiles.

Tunnel Reclaim

Masaba tunnel reclaim conveyor systems increase output by continuously feeding a straight line of materials from site to stockpile without loaders driving in and out and unnecessary tunneling. Built to hold the Earth, these reclaim conveyors are fabricated with safety in mind, making sure your operation runs smoothly.

Dozer Trap

A dozer trap from Masaba will reliably move high volumes of material for your operation. Material can be discharged onto trucks, hoppers, or conveyors. Complete your operation with a dozer trap from Masaba.

Extender Conveyor

Stationary stacking is easy with Masaba Extender conveyors. With variable belt widths and feed heights, these telescoping conveyors will fit any application—and if they don’t, we will custom engineer a solution that will.


Masaba Jump conveyors keep maneuverability in mind by offering endless customization. Move material from the hard to reach places with the adjustable discharge height. Complete your pit and quarry operation with these versatile transfer conveyors.

Mast Stackers

For the largest jobs, look to Masaba Mast Stackers and meet your needs to get the job done. Our Mast Stackers prove themselves in the field by holding up against harsh coal mining conditions and the demand of a fast-pace aggregate mineral pit.