Well sorted material is vital to the bottom line of any material processing company. Screening applications at Masaba are designed to provide our customers with maximum output screens while maintaining uniform sorting. Let our engineers work with you to create the perfect solution to fit your screening needs.

Standard Features

  • Masaba Strong components
  • Easily Accessed Controls
  • Wear resistance and ruggedness

5 Year

Complete Structural

2 Year

Complete Equipment


Kolman Buzzard Screens

Masaba engineered Kolman Buzzard Screens complete any screening operation or plant. Buzzard Screens are high-frequency, ensuring precision and high output. Combine Buzzard Screens with any application and see the maximum results, working with any material.  Contact the Masaba engineers to determine the correct screen for your operation.

Single Screens/Dual Screen

Masaba Screen applications are designed to maximize material sorting and output.  Determining the proper specifics for your screen is vital to maximizing the productivity of your operation. Let the team of engineers at Masaba work with you to suit your screening needs.