Located in rural South Dakota, Masaba has long had the interests of our nation’s farmers in mind. With a complete line of Sand Slingers and Conveyors, Masaba is sure to have the agricultural equipment you need to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your farm or ranch. Whether you are spreading sand for your cattle or topsoil in the field, your Masaba Sand Slinger will be getting the job done for years to come. Volatile grain prices have made the storing and transportation of grain vitally important. When you are ready to start storing or hauling your grain, let Masaba help you design and engineer the perfect conveyor system to get your yield to market as efficiently as possible.

Standard Features

  • Heavy Duty Pulleys
  • Class II Drives
  • Cema C Idlers
  • 3 Ply Belting
  • Onboard Counterweight
  • Heavy-Duty Tow Hitch


5 Year

Complete Structural

2 Year

Complete Equipment


Corn Conveyors

Masaba conveying systems were originally designed to withstand the extreme wear and tear of quarries and mines. As the Masaba brand name gained notoriety, the agriculture community demanded corn conveyors and grain conveying systems with the same durability and toughness that Masaba is known for. Today, our engineers will work with you to design a grain conveyer that meets your needs and specifications.

Sand Slinger

The benefits of sand bedding to a dairy farm have been well documented. Obvious benefits include better footing in hallways and reduced numbers of cows with swollen hocks or knee injuries. Sand bedding has also been proven to help prevent diseases caused by E. coli. A Masaba sand slinger will allow you to maximize the production of your dairy operation by quickly and efficiently filling stalls.


Sand Wagons

Protect your cattle and increase productivity with a  Masaba sand wagon. Masaba builds the most advanced and durable sand wagons on the market. A Masaba sand wagon will provide the efficiency and convenience your dairy operation needs.