Masaba is proud to offer a full line of products and equipment to increase the efficiency and productivity of your operation. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, service, and support. Three generations of experience in the heavy machinery industry gives Masaba the experience required to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. If you’re looking for the highest quality equipment on the market, look no further than Masaba.


Located in rural South Dakota, Masaba has long had the interests of our nation’s farmers in mind. With a complete line of Sand Slingers and Conveyors, Masaba is sure to have the agricultural equipment you need to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your farm or ranch. Whether you are spreading sand for your cattle or topsoil in the field, your Masaba Sand Slinger will be getting the job done for years to come. Volatile grain prices have made the storing and transportation of grain vitally important. When you are ready to start storing or hauling your grain, let Masaba help you design and engineer the perfect conveyor system to get your yield to market as efficiently as possible.

Corn Conveyors

Masaba conveying systems were originally designed to withstand the extreme wear and tear of quarries and mines. As the Masaba brand name gained notoriety, the agriculture community demanded corn conveyors and grain conveying systems with the same durability and toughness that Masaba is known for. Today, our engineers will work with you to design a grain conveyer that meets your needs and specifications.

Sand Slinger

The benefits of sand bedding to a dairy farm have been well documented. Obvious benefits include better footing in hallways and reduced numbers of cows with swollen hocks or knee injuries. Sand bedding has also been proven to help prevent diseases caused by E. coli. A Masaba sand slinger will allow you to maximize the production of your dairy operation by quickly and efficiently filling stalls.


Sand Wagons

Protect your cattle and increase productivity with a  Masaba sand wagon. Masaba builds the most advanced and durable sand wagons on the market. A Masaba sand wagon will provide the efficiency and convenience your dairy operation needs.

Magnum Telescoping Conveyor

With our patented Track Technology, we have created the safest telescoping conveyor on the market, and we didn’t stop there. Ranging from 130 feet to 190 feet, there is a Magnum that will suit your needs. Custom solutions are our strong suit, if we don’t have the Magnum you need, we will custom engineer the right fit. The Magnum telescoping radial stacker can tackle any material handling needs.

Optional Low Profile Magnum Package

Built with the same precision and craftsmanship as the original Magnum, the Low Profile Magnum design offers a lower feed height and greater maneuverability while still offering Masaba strength with a large truss depth and wide footprint. Going straight from the pit to the road is fast and easy with our highway portable design. The Masaba Magnum telescoping radial stacker is the complete Low Profile Package.

Portable Conveyors

Masaba has been designing and improving the most durable, reliable portable conveyors on the market for three generations. A portable conveyor system from Masaba provides a quick and hassle-free transition from the travel position to being fully operational. If you like hard-working machinery that offers convenience and peace of mind, let the engineering team at Masaba work with you to design the perfect solution.

Hoppers, Bins & Feeders

Simplify material handling with Masaba hoppers, bins and feeders; our one-stop solution to stockpile hassle. Our feed hoppers stockpile materials creating a seamless transition from loader to conveyor, buttoning-up your operation with an endless flow of material. Use our stationary hoppers to transfer material through difficult to manage areas, reducing wait time for dozers and loaders while increasing conveyor output.


Masaba fabricates the industry’s strongest self-contained conveying systems. No matter the material your operation uses, the engineers at Masaba will work with you to create the best solution for your needs.

Roll On

Masaba Roll On Transfer conveyors come ready-to-use, providing reliable conveying power in minutes. Our road-portable design comes with the ability to move sites fast, giving you the power to manage operations with ease. Guaranteed to last, Masaba conveyors are built strong with deep channel frame trusses and certified CEMA idlers.


Masaba stackable conveyors are fast and ready to move. For pit and quarry operations in need of quick, effective transfer conveyors, Masaba has the right equipment for the job. While these conveyors are well suited for any material, they are built to work within a portable crushing and screening layout bringing seamless and hassle-free transitions between plants.

Portable Radial

Move material fast with Masaba Portable Radial Stackers, engineered for the busiest operations. Designed to outlast competition, our conveyors are built strong and maintain maximum tons per hour. Go from stockpiling to road travel in minutes with our road portable design, crafted to keep you moving. Create seamless crushing and screening operations with a reliable stacker that maximizes your operation.

Portable Transfer

When pit management is a top priority and road portable equipment is a must, Masaba Portable Stacking conveyors offer efficient portable transfer solutions. Fast start-up and easy unloading make these road portable conveyors the perfect tool for the fast-paced environment of the modern mining industry.

Portable Stacking

Whether it’s completing an existing operation or building an entire conveyor layout, Masaba’s portable stacking transfer conveyors are the key to material handling. Using our custom engineered solutions, we craft plans that stockpile as much material as fast as possible.

Portable Plants – Crushing

Masaba stocks all types of portable plants for crushing: rock crushing plants, cone crushing, for a single crusher operation, jaw crushing, for an all-in-one crusher, HSI (horizontal shaft impact), perfect for secondary crushing, and VSI (vertical shaft impact), a specialized crusher. Masaba plants are fabricated with quad-axle, stepped-frame chassis and are road portable, giving strength and versatility. Work with our engineers to find the right crusher for your pit and quarry needs, or put together a full plant operation for a complete aggregate solution.   At Masaba, we proudly partner with several major brands of crushers including Raptor, Metso, and Cedarapids. We can standardize your Portable Crushing Plant with components of the same company or we can work with you to build a fully customized plant featuring elements from several different manufacturers.

VSI Plants

A Portable VSI (Vertical Shaft Impactor) Plant from Masaba will provide you with an extremely versatile machine to add to your operation.  Your Masaba VSI Plant will be a viable option in a wide range of applications and is fully portable so it is easily deployed where it is needed. Masaba VSI Plants are Masaba Strong.

Impactor Plants

At Masaba, we custom engineer Portable Impactor Plants. Let us create your Portable Impact Crushing Plant to maximize the productivity, mobility, and reliability of your operation. Industry leading crushers coupled with the proven strength of a  Masaba chassis will provide you a crushing plant that will increase your production and efficiency for years to come.

Cone Plants

If you want a road-portable, high-quality Cone Plant for your crushing needs, look no further than Masaba. Three generations of experience enable the MASABA team to fabricate you the most productive and efficient Cone Plants on the market. Your new Cone Crushing Plant can be designed around some of the best cones on the market including Cedarapids and Metso. Combining world-class components with Masaba Strong chassis gives you the opportunity to maximize your plant’s productivity while remaining mobile.

Jaw Plants

A Portable Jaw Crushing Plant from Masaba provides some of the most efficient and reliable material processing in the industry. Masaba’s Portable Jaw Plants are effective in a variety of applications. Whether you are recycling, mining, or using it in the quarry, your Masaba Portable Jaw Crushing Plant will be built to stand up to even the roughest use.

Portable Plants – Misc

Process your materials wherever the opportunity exists with Masaba Portable Plants. Experienced Masaba engineers will work with you to create a completely customized plant to fit your needs. Your Masaba Portable Plant or accessories pair efficiency and productivity with the proven toughness and durability you have come to expect of Masaba chassis and conveyors.

Complete System Portable Plants

Masaba has worked with our customers and dealers to design and build large scale complete systems of crushing, screening and material handling equipment for use in a variety of aggregate and mining needs. Engineered for customization, flexibility and availability, Masaba’s Complete Systems are engineered for seamless transitions between portable plants and have proven time and again to increase operator profits by increasing capacity and drastically reducing downtime.


A Hopper from Masaba is not only engineered to suit your needs, it is built to last. High quality materials and excellent craftsmanship make Masaba Hoppers the perfect choice for storage and dispensing.


Custom engineered on mineral size and through-put, a Masaba Feeder System will maximize the efficiency of your entire operation. Your Masaba Feeder will be designed to suit your needs and built with the durability and toughness you expect from Masaba. Masaba Feeders are Masaba Strong.

Rip Rap Plant

Masaba Rip Rap Plant will fit all of your sizing and scalping needs. Completely portable and equipped with grizzly feeders and heavy duty components, your Masaba Rip Rap Plant will withstand the roughest conditions while increasing the efficiency of your operation.

Portable Plants – Screening

At Masaba, we understand the importance of material screening. With a Portable Screen Plant from Masaba, you get precision screening, mobility, and efficiency all while relying on the proven toughness of a Masaba Strong chassis. Work with our engineers to determine which solution best fits the needs of your operation. While Masaba continues to develop innovative technologies, our commitment to customizing and fabricating the perfect solution for our customers remains unchanged.  Your Portable Screen Plant from Masaba will give you the precision you need with the durability and reliability you expect

Single Screen/Dual Screen

For material screening plants, efficiency and precision are vital, and we keep both factors in mind when engineering our screens. For the fastest and most precise mobile screens, we work with you to figure out which solutions best suit your needs. Masaba Screen Plants, single screen/dual screen, are fabricated with tandem walking beam axles and heavy-duty leaf spring suspension to guarantee lasting results, day in and day out.

Portable Plants – Washing

Process your aggregate material wherever the opportunity exists with a Masaba Portable Screening and Washing Plant. Experienced Masaba engineers will work with you to create a completely customized plant to fit your needs. Your Masaba Portable Washing and Screening Plant will combine the efficiency and productivity of custom sand screws and washing components with the proven toughness and durability of Masaba chassis and conveyors.


Aggregate material processing just got easier with Masaba Wash Screens, an all-in-one material processor. High-frequency vibrations sift material fast and our sturdy plant construction offers stability and increased output. Our wash bar construction allows easy flow of material, maximizing output and increasing plant productivity.

Sand Screws

From coarse to fine materials, Masaba Sand Screws give the capability to sort material efficiently and accurately. Gently move fine material and effectively sift coarse material with our powerful twin motor design. With single and twin screw designs, our engineers will help you determine your material handling needs.


Well sorted material is vital to the bottom line of any material processing company. Screening applications at Masaba are designed to provide our customers with maximum output screens while maintaining uniform sorting. Let our engineers work with you to create the perfect solution to fit your screening needs.

Kolman Buzzard Screens

Masaba engineered Kolman Buzzard Screens complete any screening operation or plant. Buzzard Screens are high-frequency, ensuring precision and high output. Combine Buzzard Screens with any application and see the maximum results, working with any material.  Contact the Masaba engineers to determine the correct screen for your operation.

Single Screens/Dual Screen

Masaba Screen applications are designed to maximize material sorting and output.  Determining the proper specifics for your screen is vital to maximizing the productivity of your operation. Let the team of engineers at Masaba work with you to suit your screening needs.

Stationary Conveyors

With a full line of stationary conveyors, Masaba is sure to have the right solution to your material moving problems. Whether you are transferring material over long distances or need to move it from the hard-to-reach places in your operation, Masaba has the equipment and engineering expertise to make your operation more efficient. Work with our engineers to design your own custom conveying system or create an entire Masaba equipment operation.

Hoppers, Bin & Feeders

For mining operations that are in for the long-haul, stationary hoppers are the perfect stockpiling equipment. Masaba custom engineered mining equipment will fabricate sturdy, reliable stockpiling hoppers that last the life of your aggregate operations. Reduce transition time from loader to conveyor and maximize output by maintaining a constant flow of materials.

Masaba Feeders and Surge Bins are the perfect solution for any crushing application, increasing output and handling material build-up. Masaba Feeders are designed with self-clearing grizzly bars, guaranteed to keep material flowing and eliminate build-up. Complete your crushing and screening operation by maximizing output with Masaba.


Masaba Overland conveyors are designed to span large distances or cover permanent applications and transfer material, eliminating the need for haul trucks and increasing operations. Handling various amounts of material, our custom engineered Overland conveyors will fit any application.


Maximize your material stockpile within your space limitations with a Masaba tripper system. Designed to operate in both confined areas and vast properties, a Masaba tripper is sure to maximize your stockpile regardless of the amount of space you have.

Stationary Stacker

Designed for long distances or permanent operations, Masaba Stationary Stacker conveyors are built with sturdy channel-frame trusses. Custom engineered for any distance or application, our stationary stacking conveyors will fit your needs. Our stationaries are perfect for limited footprint areas like inside structures or hard to reach stockpiles.

Tunnel Reclaim

Masaba tunnel reclaim conveyor systems increase output by continuously feeding a straight line of materials from site to stockpile without loaders driving in and out and unnecessary tunneling. Built to hold the Earth, these reclaim conveyors are fabricated with safety in mind, making sure your operation runs smoothly.

Dozer Trap

A dozer trap from Masaba will reliably move high volumes of material for your operation. Material can be discharged onto trucks, hoppers, or conveyors. Complete your operation with a dozer trap from Masaba.

Extender Conveyor

Stationary stacking is easy with Masaba Extender conveyors. With variable belt widths and feed heights, these telescoping conveyors will fit any application—and if they don’t, we will custom engineer a solution that will.


Masaba Jump conveyors keep maneuverability in mind by offering endless customization. Move material from the hard to reach places with the adjustable discharge height. Complete your pit and quarry operation with these versatile transfer conveyors.

Mast Stackers

For the largest jobs, look to Masaba Mast Stackers and meet your needs to get the job done. Our Mast Stackers prove themselves in the field by holding up against harsh coal mining conditions and the demand of a fast-pace aggregate mineral pit.

Structures – Fixed Systems

Masaba fixed structures are built with the same quality materials and craftsmanship you would expect of all of our equipment. Three generations of experience give us the expertise to take on even the most complex solutions for your operation. We can do everything from conveyors crossing both land and water all the way to building a completely customized plant. Let our talented team of engineers work with you to design and create a Masaba solution for your operation.


A Masaba overland structure and system is sure to suit your long-distance conveying needs. Work closely with our engineers to design an overland conveying system that will be reliable under even the most rugged and adverse condition.


Masaba has three generations of experience in the conveying industry. Let our talented team of engineers develop your supply-erect system. Your supply-erect system will be built Masaba Strong using high-quality materials and top-notch craftsmanship.

Turnkey Plants

Not only does Masaba build the most durable portable plants on the market, we will take care of planning and building the entire turn key operation. Masaba will design and fabricate the plant to suit your specific needs. Let the Masaba engineers coordinate and oversee the construction and automation of your operation’s complex systems.

Custom Plant Solutions

Masaba will engineer custom plant solutions to fit your operation or unique needs. No matter the condition, Masaba engineers will work with you, ensuring all your plant application needs are met. Engineering solutions is our specialty, and we will work with you. Whether it is a coal mining operation, an aggregate material quarry or even a frac-sand plant, Masaba is the solution.

Truck Unloader

Masaba will build you the most reliable truck unloader available. Whether you need an unloading system for stationary applications or a completely portable piece of equipment, our engineers will work with you to design the ideal truck unloader for your operation. For an easy, maneuverable truck  unloader, our drive-over, hydraulic ramps keep unloading simple, while our rugged, stationary unloaders are a reliable, permanent solution. Cut belly and end dump truck time and get materials moving faster with Masaba Truck Unloaders.


Material washing is vital to a healthy bottom line for your processing operation. Masaba fabricates and builds complete lines of both wash screws and wash screens. Let the team of engineers at Masaba work with you to develop the most productive and durable washing operation possible. All Masaba equipment is built Masaba Strong with the highest quality raw materials and craftsmanship available.


Aggregate material processing just got easier with Masaba Wash Screens, an all-in-one material processor. High-frequency vibrations sift material fast and our sturdy plant construction offers stability and increased output. Our wash bar construction allows easy flow of material, maximizing output and increasing plant productivity.


From coarse to fine materials, Masaba Wash Screws give the capability to sort material efficiently and accurately. Gently move fine material and effectively sift coarse material with our powerful twin motor design. With single and twin screw designs, our engineers will help you decide your material handling needs.