No matter your industry, Masaba is proud to offer a full line of products and equipment to increase the efficiency and productivity of your operation. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, service, and support. Three generations of experience in the heavy machinery industry gives Masaba the experience required to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. If you’re looking for the highest quality equipment on the market, look no further than Masaba.


Masaba is deeply rooted in the mining and processing of aggregates. In 1939, Harold Higman Sr. founded his first quarry operation and designed and built much of his own equipment. After seeing great success with their equipment, the Higman family decided to offer their machinery to the public and formed Masaba Mining Technology. Masaba is still designing and building innovative equipment today. Our engineers will customize your equipment to suit your needs. At Masaba, we understand the abuse that equipment is subject to in mines and quarries and design our equipment to be the most tough, durable, and reliable on the market.

 Masaba creates innovative aggregate solutions whether it is sand, gravel, limestone or concrete, we offer the most efficient and safest material handling equipment that will increase the productivity of your site. With custom mining equipment and full service operations, we will perfect the process from crushing and screening to material handling and conveying to washing and stockpiling.

Three generations of mining industry experience gives Masaba the knowledge to create the smartest material solutions. Our full line of conveyors and crushers can be customized to work with any mineral. Masaba engineers will work with you one-on-one to maximize results to your material handling problem and help ensure you get the best mining equipment on the market.


Located in the heartland of our nation, Masaba engineers and leadership have been called on to engineer and manufacture solutions for agricultural communities around the area. This experience puts Masaba on the top of the agricultural solutions industry. Masaba engineers quality agricultural equipment ranging from grain conveyors and truck unloaders to sand trucks and slingers. At Masaba, we understand the importance of the agriculture industry. Masaba’s reliable solutions help farmers feed our families. Let the talented team at Masaba design and create a custom solution you can rely on to work as hard as you do.


With roots to the sand and gravel industry, Masaba has the experience with roadways and construction that translates directly into material solutions. Our engineering team designs equipment especially for the handling of asphalt and tar sands, laying out the most efficient asphalt concrete operation.


Our advanced engineering techniques offer the reliability needed for biomass material handling. Our attention to detail and experienced engineering team will design a layout to effectively manage your growing operations and secure your biomass yield.


Masaba has had a hand in the roadways and construction since its beginning three generations ago. This experience has been passed on to engineers ready to make the best concrete aggregate operation available, whether it’s Portland Cement or a blend, we will create the most efficient crushing and screening layout to help you manufacture for tomorrow.


Whether you’re looking for conveying equipment or crushing solutions, our experience with surface mining will enhance your coal operation. Our specialized aggregate solutions are geared toward making your operations smoother and production more valuable.


Masaba equipment is built with the strength and durability to handle the construction aggregates and  materials your construction operation may need. Whether you need one conveyor or a fully automated turn-key plant, Masaba has the experience and expertise to improve the productivity and efficiency of your plant.


Whether it is steel, concrete, or brick, let the heavy duty conveyors and equipment from Masaba make your demolition and waste operation faster and more efficient. Work with our team of experienced engineers to design the system that will best suit your needs.


The experienced engineering team from Masaba will work with you to ensure safe, efficient fertilizer material handling by utilizing the most advanced technologies available. We custom manufacture each piece of equipment to suit your operation’s needs. We will engineer and implement the best material handling solution to maintain your fast paced operation.


We have extensive experience in frac sand production and handling which gives us the knowledge to design and build the most durable and efficient equipment for your operation. Whether it is silica sand transportation or frac sand production, our experienced engineers will work to create the best solution. We custom engineer each operation to fit your needs.


No matter the material, our Masaba Strong equipment can handle any load. We will creatively engineer any system to handle industrial material effectively. Whether it’s industrial refuse or raw materials, we will work with any situation and solve any material handling problems.


After years of research on loading/unloading terminals, Masaba’s engineering team is creating high-quality equipment to work with large ships, boats and barges. The virulent conditions port equipment must endure are always in mind when engineering Masaba Strong equipment. Each project requires the customer relations only Masaba can deliver, giving you the first step to a solution. Work with our talented and experienced team of engineers to develop the equipment that will do the job the way you want it done, efficient and effective.


Our engineering team will work with you from start to finish guaranteeing the best solution to your metal mining and material handling needs. We can customize equipment for any metal material in any condition. We will work with you to ensure the most efficient stockpiling, most complete material crushing, and most advanced mining operation possible.


Three generations of mining industry experience gives Masaba the knowledge to create the smartest material solutions. Our full line of conveyors and crushers can be customized to work with any mineral. Masaba engineers will work with you one-on-one to maximize results to your material handling problem and help ensure you get the best mining equipment on the market.


Let the talented team of engineers at Masaba help you design the most effective power generators for your material transportation and processing operation. In the power generation industry, efficiency is a must. At Masaba, we will work with you to customize and create a heavy duty, high efficiency solution.


Our custom engineering solutions for the pulp and paper industry create endless possibilities for any material need. Our Masaba Strong equipment will handle any load and work with any pulp and paper product from raw scrap and chemically treated pulp to finished paper products and rolls. We will manufacture equipment fit for your paper fiber operation.


Our history in the ready mix concrete industry gives us the experience to handle this unique material. From conveying to crushing, we will make the most effective equipment layout possible to effectively manage your operation.


Our Masaba Strong equipment is designed and manufactured to fit your material and operation needs. Whether it’s on site recycling scrap handling, or scrap transfer handling, we will work to engineer the most efficient stockpile solutions. We will work with you to ensure your operation never slows, from material conveying to crushing and storage.


Our custom equipment is made to withstand any conditions, ensuring your salt production never slows. We engineer solutions based on your needs, providing an efficient operation. We will work with you from conveying and transportation to crushing and storage. No matter your needs, we will work to create the perfect solution.


Our background with sulfur production starts with you. Our engineering team will work with you to ensure you have the highest quality equipment for the job. With Masaba, you get a 5 year structural warranty that guarantees our solution will last.


Masaba can custom engineer equipment suitable for any material. We will manufacture the perfect system for dealing with wood products, scrap, sawdust or any related wood material. Whatever your wood material handling needs, we will design a product to give you the best solution.